George Bush Takes Up Clinton's Subprime Mantle in 2002 with Fannie, Freddie Minorities Initiative

This YouTube video is a recording of a RTL-Z Dutch television program of October 7, 2008. The Dutch news program plays an audio recording of President Bush in a speech in 2002 when he calls for increasing lending flexibility for blacks and Hispanics so that poor people "can have a house as nice as anybody else." He set a goal of 5.5 million new homes for minorities by 2010 to close the "homeownership gap" between whites and minorities. This was to be achieved he said, through new initiatives from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make it easier for people with poor credit histories to qualify for a mortgage. President Clinton got the ball rolling and ramped up relaxed lending standards with a National Homeownership Strategy in 1995. As part of that, Fannie and Freddie introduced a raft of programs that made it easier for people with poor credit and little or no money down to obtain a mortgage.


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