Home Depot CEO Bernie Marcus: Washington Sees Job Creators As "Monsters" and "Villains"

On September 17, Home Depot chairman and chief executive officer Bernie Marcus appeared on The Squawk Box on CNBC. He was interviewed by show host Joe Kernen. Marcus lambastes the "academics" who have positions of power in Washington (including President Obama) and their view of job creators as "monsters" and "villains." Marcus facetiously "apologized" for creating 320,000 jobs.

Marcus, verbatim:

Now you take some of the people the President surrounded himself with, now think about it a second, they’re all academics . . . most of them . . . I mean all of them, they come out of Harvard they come out of Yale. These guys are all on tenure. By the way they’re all on tenure. Tenure means they get paid whether they work or not, tenure means they are on insurance for life, tenure means they don’t ever have to worry about anything just because they were there for a number of years. America is not that way. America is not that way. And if the President got out of, you know, Washington, in his cloak as I talked about, and started moving around the peasants which is people like everybody else in the world except for Washington. Washington has their own insurance plan, they got their own pensions, they don’t even abide by their own rules they everybody else lives by.


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